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Toe in the Water was set up in 2008 in response to the devastating injuries being suffered by a significant number of servicemen and women at the time, and the long drawn out difficult periods of rehabilitation they were faced with.

From the outset, we were driven by ‘clinical need’ and the charity has always aspired to close once that need had ceased. Our constitution stated that when the level of profoundly injured servicemen became less than that of Gulf War I we would dissolve. We have reached and passed that point and therefore Toe In The Water has now closed.

If you would like to carry on supporting injured servicemen and women, then we recommend Help for Heroes who do a great job to help those who have become injured through serving in British Armed Forces.

Toe in the Water has attracted generous support from fundraisers, companies and private individuals who all shared our desire to Re-inspire, Re-engage and Re-integrate, something we are intensely proud of. We couldn't have done it without all of your support, so thank you.​
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A letter from the Co-Founder

Toe in the Water has always been about coming together as a team to see beyond injury. From our humble beginnings in 2008 all our expectations have been exceeded, and in every possible way. There have been more laughs, more bruises, more top 10 results and more new friends made than Holly and I could ever have expected when we conceived this madcap idea that competitive yacht racing might just work as a rehabilitation tool.

When we decided to close Toe in the Water because we knew our job was done, we set out to identify a partner to help our legacy live on. In 2013 we received our first grant from The Endeavour Fund, part of the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, and we have continued to work with them ever since. The Trustees of Toe in the Water are very pleased to confirm that we will be donating all remaining funds to The Endeavour Fund to support their latest initiative, intended to reach out to those men and women who are still struggling to come to terms with life after injury and who would benefit the most from being involved with an endeavour or adventure.

We have produced this book as way of celebrating everything that we have achieved over the last eight years. We hope that you will feel the same sense of pride and achievement as you did when you first came into contact with us.

Together, we have re-inspired, re-engaged and re-integrated 272 wounded, injured and sick service personnel from the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force. We have raced with and against (and beaten) some of the best sailors in the UK, even in the world on occasion and won the respect of our colleagues and competitors alike.

And we couldn’t have done it without you. Every one of you who has turned up ready to race, having been on a boat before or not, made lunches, provided med care, driven safety boats and minibuses, made, sold and bought wristbands, baked cakes, competed in marathons, triathlons and crazy mud runs, and of course generously donated your time, money and even Confidence Power Plus Motorised Treadmill and stamina 35-1405 ats air rower – you are all part of this amazing team that has been Toe in the Water for the last eight years.

We would also like to thank all of our friends Rowing Advisor, where you can find rowing machine reviews and much more.

We can’t thank you enough for what you have helped make possible.

Kind regards

Tanya Brookfield

For and on behalf of the Trustees of Toe in the Water

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